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EN - Plac Grażyńskiego 47 40-126 Katowice

Phone number

+48 32 258 92 00

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Municipal Community Center 'Koszutka' in Katowice

Municipal Community Center "Koszutka" was founded in 1970, then called the District Community Center "Koszutka".

Recognizing and stimulating the cultural interests and needs, it prepares to apprehend and create art to participate actively in the cultural life, teaches and educates. Such objectives employ individual and team projects, off-school activities, education through art, cultural events, group participation in cultural life and prophylactic programs. It is also active in the area of parents' education through a variety of projects.

The Center offers encounters with the guests of the Artistic Salon, Film Academy (patronage of Kazimierz Kutz), the Traveller's Club as well as classical music concerts and the Poetry Club. Each year brings a series of events, including the Poetical Midsummer's Night , announced on which are results of the annual One Poem Contest, organized for 12 years now, as well as Christmas Eve encounters gathering many eminent guests. The youngest audience is offered cultural events, including the Children's Day.  Among those are prophylactic-educational classes, theatrical classes and performances, musical studio, artistic and painting workshops or modern dance and tap dance programs.

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