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EN - Plac Bytomska 73 41-940 Piekary Śląskie

Phone number

+48 32 287 28 80

Road to

The Municipal Community Centre in Piekary Śląskie

The Municipal Community Centre [Miejski Dom Kultury] in Piekary Śląskie looks after the cultural development of the inhabitants and facilitates access to culture. It offers a number of classes and organises many cultural events in the city.

It runs a film club, theatre group, art classes, bands and a choir. In the Centre, short-wave radio users, lovers of tourism and skating can develop their interests. Cultural events organised there include workshops, trips and concerts as well as "the Tournament of One Poem" ["Turniej Jednego Wiersza"], summer play centres for children, the Provincial Review of School Artistic Groups [Wojewódzki Przegląd Szkolnych Zespołów Artystycznych], Days of the City [Dni Miasta] and contests. The Municipal Community Centre shares the building with Radio Piekary.

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