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Street Wojciecha Kilara 1 40-032 Katowice

Phone number

48 32 255 32 61

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The National Symphony Orchestra of Polish Radio (NOSPR) in Katowice

The National Symphony Orchestra of Polish Radio  (NOSPR) was founded in Warsaw by Grzegorz Filtelberg, originally as the Great Symphony Orchestra of Polish Radio.  Active since 1935, it was reactivated after World War 2 in Katowice by Witold Rowicki.

Apart from the live concerts given for the audience, the Orchestra prepares materials for Polish Radio and has now recorded more than 190 albums, for both, Polish and international editors. NOSPR organizes a biannual Festival of Premieres -  New Polish Music. The Orchestra is now famous and respected worldwide.  The musicians performed in most of the European countries, in North and South America, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the Persian Gulf. Among the artists cooperating with the orchestra are eminent composers and soloists: Krzysztof Penderecki, Krystian Zimmerman, Kun Woo Paik, Placido Domingo and many more.

A new seat of the orchestra is being erected in the area of former "Katowice" mine with a concert hall to accommodate more than 10 000 audience.

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