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EN - Plac Krauzego 1 41-603 Świętochłowice

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+48 32 345 21 60

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The Silesian Cultural Centre in Świętochłowice

The Silesian Cultural Centre [Centrum Kultury Śląskiej] in Świętochłowice has been established in order to organize and coordinate cultural events in the city. It has been created around the "Zgoda" and "Grota" Cultural Centres.

The Silesian Cultural Centre is located in two buildings in Lipiny and Zgoda districts. The purpose of the Silesian Cultural Centre is to build and support broad culture, entertainment and arts. The Centre organizes theatre meetings, concerts, scientific sessions dedicated to the issues of Silesia and local events. Under cyclical activities with children, youth and adults, it offers art classes, reviews of the works of art groups, contests and workshops. It also organizes entertainment events, such as carnival dance balls, occasional dances, festivals, open air events.

The Silesian Cultural Centre include, among others, a senior club, club of short-wave radio users and branches of libraries. The Silesian Cultural Centre in Świętochłowice invited, among others, the following artists who performed here: Krystyna Janda, Jan Peszek, Jerzy Stuhr. The Centre held concerts of e.g. Urszula Dudziak and Tomasz Stańko Quartet.




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