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EN - Plac Zamkowa 2 41-211 Sosnowiec

Phone number

+48 32 266 38 42

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Sonsowiec Center of Fine Arts - Sielcec Castle

Sonsowiec Center of Fine Arts is seated in Sielcec  Castlethe oldest building in Sosnowiec, dating back to the Middle Ages.

At present the castle is a venue of cultural activities. Sonsowiec Center of Fine Arts offers exhibitions of contemporary artists as well as  historical performances and concerts.  Parts of the Center are Extravagance Gallery, a historical department preparing exhibitions on history of the city,  as well as event department offering musical and theatre performances, e.g. Summer Concerts.

Seated on the left bank of Czarna Przemsza river, the castle underwent numerous reconstructions. Changing its shape it also changed the owners. As pointed by Rafał Bryła – a historian of  Sielec Castle: “During its medieval history, the castle belonged not only to the knights and magnates, such as Abraham of Goszyce, Otton of Pilcza or Piotr Szafraniec but also to Polish kings of the Jagiellonian dynasty.

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