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EN - Plac św. Jana 10 40-012 Katowice

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+48 32 253 82 21

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The Silesian Puppet And Actor’s Theatre 'Ateneum' in Katowice

Established in 1945, the Silesian Puppet And Actor’s Theatre  “Ateneum” is on of the oldest puppet theaters in Poland.

Cooperation with Silesian artists is a  distinctive feature of this stage, however parallel contacts with artists countrywide and abroad are also developing. The children’s repertoire is dominated by classical fairy tales, yet plays by contemporary authors are also present. Special attention is paid to  tastes of the young audience, shaped through the artistic and musical layers. New  artistic challenges are performances for mature audience, initiated by premieres of  “Burrow”  by Franz Kafka. “Ballads and Romances” by Adam Mickiewicz  as well as “Joan of Arc” adapted by  Karel Brožek.  Since 2002 the offer ,addressed not only to the youngest ones, has been supplemented  by the International Festival of Puppet Theatres “Katowice for the Children”.

Ateneum Gallery, active for four years now, is another stage of the theater used also as the exhibition space (so far 20 exhibitions organized).  The actors have been frequently performing abroad, e.g. in Austria, the Czech Republic, Holland, Germany, Slovakia, the USA and the UK. Participating in local and international festivals they took numerous awards for their performance.

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