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EN - Plac Kokota 170 41-711 Ruda Śląska

Phone number

+48 505 31 64 71

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The Society of Lovers of the Interesting World (TOMCIŚ) in Ruda Śląska

The Society of Lovers of the Interesting World [Stowarzyszenie Miłośników Ciekawego Świata - TOMCIŚ] was established in 2006 in Ruda Śląska. It is a non-governmental organisation.

It was created on the initiative of Ratnasi Suriya Arachchi, a poet and social activist from Sri Lanka, who has been living in Poland for years. Currently, the Society has approximately twenty members from different environments, and its goals include, among others, are the dissemination, promotion and expansion of knowledge about other nations and dissemination of Polish culture abroad.

The TOMCIŚ creates conditions for an open-minded attitude, human rights protection, sensitivity to art, respect for otherness and creating ecological awareness. It acts for the preservation of native and endangered cultures.

The Society organises tourist and social events, participates in the programmes of the European Union and gets involved in charitable activities. The Society conducts the regular Week of Culture of Exotic Countries [Tydzień Kultury Krajów Egzotycznych] event in Ruda Śląska.


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