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EN - Plac Mariacka 1 40-014 Katowice

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+48 504 05 41 19

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The 'Złoty Osioł' vegetarian bar in Katowice

Złoty Osioł [Golden Donkey] is a popular vegetarian bar, which is located in Katowice at ul. Mariacka, and currently has two other outlets: Sosnowiec-Pogoń and Gliwice.

The "Osiołek" is a place with a definite character, very popular among fans of vegetarian cuisine, but also all those who want a change for a meal at economical price. The offer includes dishes from the entire world (Indian, Chinese, Mediterranean, Mexican, fusion, etc.): timbale, tarts, lasagna, dumplings, cutlets – everything made on the basis of vegetarian components, supplemented with a  diversity of salads and a choice of beverages.

It is a Mecca for artistic, tourists and people of a philosophical spirit, because they will find here information, posters and leaflets concerning meetings, workshops and festivals on topics interesting for them, organised in the region. The bar itself gives also an opportunity to get to know interesting personalities who board there.

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