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EN - Plac Piastów 22/111 40-868 Katowice

Phone number

+48 505 95 35 15

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The MOMO Theatre in Katowice

The MOMO Theatre [Teatr MOMO] was founded in 2003 by Marek Kołbuk. From the beginning of its operation, it has had its own, unique style with its main features being very impressive images created by means of the human body, music and light. A symbol and emotions underlie its shows. Each show is an exploration of another sphere of humanity and the presentation is a "magic land of symbols and emotions" where a spectator can find sensitivity and feelings both in themselves and in the subjects of the shows.

Each action of the theatre has its beginning in dreams and emotional experiences of the main concept initiator of the MOMO Theatre - Marek Kołbuk who has developed his own style and character of the theatre message.

The actions of the MOMO Theatre presented in Poland and abroad (e.g. in France, Macedonia and the Czech Republic) have been appreciated by many spectators, jurors and creators.

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