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EN - Plac Szymanowskiego 2b 41-949 Piekary Śląskie

Phone number

+48 32 383 03 30

Road to

The Dąbrówka Wielka District Community Centre

The Dąbrówka Wielka District Community Centre [Dzielnicowy Dom Kultury]  in Piekary Śląskie is one of two District Community Centres of the city.  It offers classes for children, youths, adults and seniors.  It hosts workshops, contests and trips to all interested parties. It helps to organize a number of cultural events; among others, it is engaged in "the Summer Campaign" ["Akcja Lato"] – a summer play centre for children staying in the city, Days of the City [Dni Miasta] and others. It also presents works of artists related to the region.

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