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EN - Plac Rynek 4-5 44-100 Gliwice

Road to

The MpiK Gallery in Gliwice

The MpiKGallery  is situated in downtown Gliwice. It was established in 2009. The Gallery presents works of local artists and guests from all around Poland.

Apart from painting, photography, sculpture or design exhibitions, the Mpik hosts exhibitions, meetings with artists, art workshops (for those wanting to learn the secrets of folk handicraft, design furniture or learn how to smelt small bronzes from moulds). The Gallery also organizes thematic exhibitions and discussion panels, e.g."My som stond" ["We're from Here" in the Silesian dialect], dedicated to the Silesian culture.

Mpik holds cyclical including ART NIGHT [ART NOC] or Upper-Silesian Easter Eggs [Górnośląskie Kroszonki]. The Gallery has hosted exhibitions of works of, among others, Maciej Szupica, Cecylia Malik, Paweł Szyma.

The institution also hosts curators and guardians of the top Polish galleries (among others, Anda Rottenberg, historian of art, critic and curator of numerous exhibitions). The Gallery is in the care of the Department of Culture and City Promotion o the Municipal Office [Wydział Kultury i Promocji Miasta Urzędu Miejskiego] in Gliwice.

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