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EN - Plac Francuska 200 40-507 Katowice

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Katowice Forest Park

Katowice Forest Park is the largest green area in Katowice taking the space of 420 ha.  The park was established in 1970’s.

The forest areas form part of the protection belt around the Upper Silesian Industrial Region. Among other, the park incorporates  the Valley of Three Lakes and the beech tree sanctuary.  The major part of the park preserved the original form of the  included areas, never shaped to resemble a park. The area is a  breeding ground for most of the amphibians met in the capital of the region, with many protected species of plants and animals. Cutting through the park are pedestrian trails and bike lanes.  The area offers also a sports airfield, 3 restaurants, a riding club and some fishing ponds. The vicinity of the Valley of  Three Lakes is a venue of frequent events, including the musical ones.

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