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General rules

  1. 1.    Introduction

Górnośląski Związek Metropolitalny (GZM) with its registered office at the following address: ul. Barbary 21a in Katowice, is the owner of the Portal.

This Policy was prepared in accordance with the legal regulations effective in the territory of the Republic of Poland and it sets forth the operating rules for the information and communication platform called and for the use of the Services. The Policy sets forth the rights and obligations of the Users as well as the rules and obligations and the scope of liability of Górnośląski Związek Metropolitalny as the Owner of the Portal and the entity running the Portal.

The name of the Portal, its concept, graphical design, logo, graphical elements, trademarks, software and database are legally protected.

Górnośląski Związek Metropolitalny reserves the right to modify, withdraw, suspend or terminate any function or feature of this Portal at any time without prior notification to the Users.

Personal data of the Users in the function will be deleted.

  1. 2.    Definitions: Portal – a portal functioning in the following domain:, owned by Górnośląski Związek Metropolitalny

Portal's Owner – Górnośląski Związek Metropolitalny

User – a person using the Portal

Policy – this document

Privacy Policy – the document setting out the privacy policy of the Portal available under the link:

Service/Services – accessible functionalities of the Portal

Cultural Institution – any entity running cultural business

Profile – one of the services offered by the Portal

Data – texts, venues, events, films, photographs, settings of the Profile, functionalities

Personal data – data within the meaning of the Law on personal data protection

Administrative panel – a panel designed for Data management by the Owner of the portal

Moderator – a person authorised by the Owner of the portal to manage the data in the administrative panel

Newsletter – the news of the information nature sent out to the interested Users

System message – a message generated in the administrative Panel to communicate with Users


  1. 3.    Technical Conditions for Using the Portal

A User is each person using the Portal.

In order to use the Portal, a User must have the equipment necessary to access to the Web including the program designed to browse through its content, accepting cookie type files and an e-mail account.

GZM shall not be liable for technical limitations of the User, Web providers, etc.


  1. 4.    Using the Portal

Running of the Portal by GZM includes first of all: establishment of an administrative Panel enabling GZM to search for the Users; providing access by GZM to the server to hold Data by the Users; provision of Services, placing information about events, venues and artists and publication of texts of the journalistic genres, as well as photographs and films.

Having accepted this Policy, a User agrees to all its terms and conditions and agrees to comply with them. Use of the Portal means that the Policy has been approved.  

The Portal is designed for the Users' use.

Establishment and use of the Profile is voluntary and free of charge.

Vulgarity is automatically deleted from the service by Moderators.


  1. 5.    Using the Profile Capabilities

In order to be able to use the Profile Service, you should read the Policy and the Privacy Policy and accept them. The Privacy Policy is described by a separate document. Any amendments to the Policy and Privacy Policy may be accepted by the User. If you do not accept these policies, you may delete your Profile.

The registration procedure involves completion of the registration form which is located at:  and acceptance hereof and of the Privacy Policy.  

The Profile User agrees to provide his/her true Personal Data in the registration form. A User is not authorised to place Personal Data of any third parties and the image of third parties without the permission of this Person as required by law.

A User agrees to the provision of Services by GZM within his/her profile.

  1. 6.    Personal Data

A User agrees to the processing of his/her Personal Data by GZM. This data is provided originally in a registration form and potentially amended later to ensure proper provision of Services: for the Profile Newsletter and for operating and statistical purposes related to running the Portal pursuant to the terms and conditions hereof and the provisions of the Privacy Policy.  

"Górnośląski Związek Metropolitalny” is the Personal Data Administrator who processes personal data of the Users pursuant to the legal regulations including in particular the provisions of the Law of 29 August 1997 on the personal data protection and the Law of 18 July 2002 on the electronic provision of services.

GZM is authorised to provide Data solely to the entities authorised under relevant legal regulations. GZM does not provide access to Data in default to law to other entities in particular to unauthorised Persons.

  1. 7.    Copyright

The design of content in the Portal and written materials, photographs, graphics and other materials are protected pursuant to the general rules of protection provided by the provisions of the Law of copyright and neighbouring rights. Each of the Users must comply with copyright or he/she will be held liable under civil code regulations and criminal code regulations arising from this Law.

Using the materials published in the Portal for any purpose other than personal use, including: copying, duplicating, using for publications as a whole or in parts is regulated by general rules of the press and copyright law.

Any trademarks, commercial and company marks that occur in the Portal are subject to legal protection following the provisions of the relevant regulations.

In the event of causing any loss due to infringement of any of the aforementioned rules by a User, he/she will be to remedy it to GZM pursuant to general rules.

  1. 8.    Block/Deletion of a Profile

Any actions that may, in particular, impede or destabilise the operation of the Portal or expose the Portal to the loss of good reputation or a good name are unacceptable. If GZM discovers that a User commits such acts, the Portal Owner may block or delete his/her Portal immediately. Users’ acts being judged as an attempt to destabilise the Portal may be also deemed to be a crime under the provisions of the criminal code.

Publication of vulgarity, illicit materials, offensive contents or contents inconsistent with the common law in Poland, the contents disseminating violence, being morally wrong or violating what is commonly considered good taste  is forbidden and will be blocked or deleted from the Profile.

  1. 9.    Liability

GZM will not be held liable for disruptions in the functioning of the Portal caused by force majeure, failure of the equipment or unauthorised intervention of Users, even if they cause the loss of Data in Users' Profiles.

GZM shall not be held liable for temporary inability to use the Service functions by Users arising out of amendment and improvement of the system. Users will be notified of technical breakdowns and their duration.  

The User retains full responsibility for breaking the law caused by his/her actions in the Portal, in particular for the provision of Data inconsistent with law or false Personal Data, disclosure of a trade secret or any other confidential information, breach of personal property or copyright and neighbouring rights.

A User utilises information available in this service at their personal risk and responsibility.

GZM shall not be liable in the case of any claims to GZM or lodged by any other Persons, in particular the photographs or images of these Persons. The liability to this effect will be held solely by a User who published the disputable Data.  

GZM shall not be held liable for any loss suffered by a User caused by using a computer which is not protected by any antivirus protection but connected to Internet Web, in particular for breaking into the system and e-mail used by the User, overtaking a Password or Login by third parties and infecting User's computer systems with viruses.


Final Provisions

The Policy is available at

Any potential disputes arising out of this Policy and functioning of this Service will be resolved by common courts within the jurisdiction of the GZM registered office.

GZM reserves the right to amend the content hereof. The information on the amendments herein will be published in a form of a system message.