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Dolina Trzech Stawów w Katowicach

EN - Plac Trzech Stawów 20 40-289 Katowice

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The Tauron New Music Festival in Katowice

The Tauron New Music [Tauron Nowa Muzyka] is a music event whose first, one-day event was held in the Wilson Shaft [Szyb Wilson] in 2006. In its course, apart from a raging storm, you could admire a two-hour show of DJ Krush.

Since that time, the number of festival days has increased. The Festival is accompanied by additional events (workshops, visiting shows etc.). After two years of presence in Cieszyn, in 2009 the New Music came back to Katowice, to the areas of the former Katowice mine. Now, the event is held in August each year.

The New Music [Nowa Muzyka] is an ambitious offer for the fans of electronic sounds, in any versions and variants. Every year, the organisers make their best to ensure, in the course of the Festival, performances of world format stars, famous not for being famous, but for excellent music and concerts.

The rank of the event is confirmed by the fact that in 2010 it won the award for the best little music festival in Europe. The Festival town does not have accommodation facilities. The main organiser of the event is moremusic agency.

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