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Teatr Korez w Katowicach

Street Sejmu Śląskiego 2 40-032 Katowice

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+48 32 609 03 22

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The Summer Theatre Garden in Katowice

The Summer Theatre Garden [Letni Ogród Teatralny], commonly known as LOT, is a regular project organised for a dozen or so years so far, in July and August, in the arcades of the Katowice Community Centre [Centrum Kultury]. The Garden is a review of the most interesting theatre and cabaret performances, staged in Poland in the last year, as well as concerts and performances for children.

In recent years, the LOT has hosted many excellent examples of the Polish theatre and cabaret, and music stage, including the Old Theatre [Teatr Stary] from Cracow, Polish Theatre [Teatr Polski] from Wrocław, Provisorium Theatre [Teatr Provisorium] from Lublin, Jacek Fedorowicz, Kabaret Ani Mru-Mru, Kabaret Mumio, Maria Peszek, Joanna Szczepkowska, Grzegorz Halama, Leszek Możdżer, and Tymon Tymański.

A considerable interest of the audience the review evokes is proven by the attendance in the performances being usually approximately 10,000 spectators. The Summer Theatre Patch [Letnia Grządka Teatralna] is a free event for children's audience within the Garden. s the . Performances for the youngest audience are held on Sundays, at 4.00 p.m., and they attract approximately  400 children annually.


Organisers: Katowice Community Centre and Korez Theatre, with participation of the Municipal Office of Katowice.

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