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Galeria Szyb Wilson w Katowicach

EN - Plac Oswobodzenia 1 40-403 Katowice

Phone number

+48 32 730 32 20

Road to

The Art Naif Festival in Katowice

The Art Naif Festival is an annual celebration of  naive, folk, non-professional, primitive or intuitive art, as it is beautifully defined by representatives of the Colours of Silesia Association [Stowarzyszenie Barwy Śląska]. The first festival was held in 2008 and has always been related to the Katowice Nikiszowiec.

During the festival that hosts works of a few dozen artists from around the world, involved in the naive art, there are also artistic workshops for children, film shows, music concerts, a fair and other events. In the industrial interiors of the Wilson Shaft Gallery [Galeria  Szyb Wilson], an exhibition of work inspired by dreams is held for two months. The audience, granting its award, selects the creator of a subsequent poster advertising the festival.

The organiser of the event is the Eco Art Silesia Foundation and the Wilson Shaft Gallery [Galeria Szyb Wilson] along with Jacques Dubois (FIVAN association), custodian of the exhibition.

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